We offer a range of agistment options suited to you and your horse's lifestyle.

per week payable monthly in advance. (plus GST)

Field Agistment

  • The owner has full use of one paddock.

  • The owner is fully responsible for the care and management of their horse including feeding, worming, exercising at least three to four times a week, yard/ stable cleaning and manure, water.

  • Use of the two arenas during opening hours. Booking the arenas
    outside the hours will need to be in consultation with the manager.

  • Use of the feed and tack room.

  • Use of the riders' facilities.

  • Owner to ensure that worming and vaccinations are kept up to date.

per week payable monthly in advance. (plus GST)

Partial Care Agistment

Includes all of Field Agistment plus:

  • Twice daily feeding, including hay, as required. Standard feeds and hay included in fee.

  • Feed analysis maintained for your horse to ensure optimal nutrition

  • Complete rugging program specific to your horses requirements.

  • Manure removal, water trough cleaning.

  • Daily text updates on your horse.

  • Use of stabling when available.

  • Full worming program carried out.

  • Float parking ( subject to space being available).

per week payable monthly in advance. (plus GST)

Total Care Agistment

Includes all of Partial Care Agistment plus:

  • Bringing to yard/holding paddock prior to riding.

  • Specialist services, including farrier, dentist, worming and veterinary services, are managed and organised by the manager.

Additional Services (all prices exclude GST)

These fees will be added to your monthly invoice.

  • Full use of stable $40.00 per day (including bedding), consulting with the manager prior to use

  • Private use of an arena $30.00 per hour

  • Private use of arena lighting $15.00 per hour

  • Booking arena outside normal hours $70.00 per hour

  • Bringing up for exercise, farrier, vet and any other times $15.00 per 15 minutes

  • Regular worming by the manager, in line with our worming program $35.00

  • Clipping: Full clip with legs $150.00, without $120.00, Trace $100.00, Belly $80.00